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NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

NASAWebLogoArmstrong Flight Research Center is NASA's primary center for atmospheric flight research and operations. Located in California's western Mojave Desert on Edwards Air Force Base, Armstrong has been critcial in carrying out NASA's space exploration missions, space operations, scientific discovery, and aeronautical research and development (R&D).

What type of work is done at Armstrong?

For over 60 years, projects at Armstrong have led to major advancements in the design and capabilities of many state-of-the-art civilian and military aircraft. The newest, the fastest, the highest - all have made the debut in the skies over Armstrong. The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) project is based at Armstrong though the aircraft and the aircraft's science missions are distrubted among several centers. SOFIA is a flying telescope aboard a Boeing 747 aircraft - in partnership with the Ames Research Center and the German Aerospace Center. In support of aeronautical R&D, Armstrong is involved in many aspects of Fundamental Aeronautical and Aviation Safety programs, including the X-48 Blended Wing body and Ikhana (Predator B) in support of subsonics; the F-15B Quiet Spike in support of supersonics and Adaptive Flight Controls in support of the Aviation Safety Program. Take a peek at this brochure to see what kind of research happens at Armstrong (8 MB .pdf).

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SummerResearch Opportunities:

NASA Armstrong will offer several research opportunities associated with the SOFIA project (learn more on the SOFIA page) in addition to atmospheric and flight operations projects. STAR Fellows may find summer housing with lab host families affiliated with Edwards Air Force Base or rent accommodations in the small town of Lancaster, CA. The remote location is best suited for Fellows with their own reliable transportation. NASA guidelines stipulate that Fellows must have a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA to be considered for their sites. If you are interested in a STAR Fellowship at Armstrong, keep an eye on this page. We will update it with additional project information as it becomes available.

Armstrong Projects Include

Previous Armstrong work included

STAR Fellows at Armstrong FRC interact with a large number of other summer interns. Here is a glimpse of the 2014 summer intern projects (2.7 MB PDF).

Visit the Cal Poly Digital Commons to browse more STAR Fellow projects at this site.

WHERE is NASA Armstrong?

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