2008 STAR alumni female wearing goggles working with test tubes2010 STAR Alumni female sitting in an uninhabited aerial vehicle 2010 STAR Alumni female examines phytoplankton and zooplankto using microscope 2010 STAR Alumni female showcasing her research poster 2010 STAR Alumni working with a fiber optic strainsensing system Group photo of 2010 STAR Alumni at the Romberg Tiburon Center 2009 STAR Alumni men working in robotics lab

Funding Partners

Each STAR Fellow is supported by a team of funding partners in addition to the visible research mentors, lab site staff, workshop facilitators, and the STAR staff at Cal Poly. Each of these partners joins in our efforts because they can see what great catalysts for positive change STAR Fellows are in their schools.

While STAR's ultimate goal is to provide a better learning experience for K-12 STEM students, our funding partners also do a lot of other good things along the way! They help research facilities solve fundamental research problems in every discipline at multiple sites each and every year while training teacher-researchers and improving industry-academia relations. They help early-career teachers distinguish themselves to employers and improve classroom connectivity through professional conferencing. They help school districts adapt to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core curriculum shifts by providing Fellows specifically trained to bring innovative investigation approaches to their classrooms. Our partners are investing not only in the future of our Fellows, but in a better future - full stop. Thank you.

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Industry and Collegiate Partners

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Robert Noyce Teacher

Scholarship Program